OUR PROJECTS Internetshub Tech About Project Internetshub seeks to help pass information to the Benighted in the aspects of Technology and Related by knowledging and passing information them. Internetshub is a mini society of Authors and Experts in the aspects of Technology and Related aspects to provide knowledge to all who seek one. See Project […]


OUR PROJECTS Storehouse About Project MedicFundMe is a dedicated medical fundraising and crowdfunding platform, that connects people and causes. Their mission at Medicfundme is “to provide a compassionate and effective platform for individuals facing medical challenges. They connect patients, caregivers, and donors to facilitate financial assistance, emotional support, and resources needed to overcome health obstacles. […]


OUR PROJECTS Storehouse About Project Storehouse Limited is an eCommerce Business and their Mission is to be the Biggest Marketplace in Africa. Their Vision is “To be an amazing power for the Economic Growth of Africa. To interface Africans with one another and the remainder of the world through Technology and Commerce.” See Project Date […]


OUR PROJECTS Legoconsult About Project Incorporated in December 1997 as a business enterprise in Architectural design and later metamorphosed to a limited liability company in Architecture, Building Construction, Real Estate and Interior Design . Lego Consult is a firm of multidisciplinary professionals with expertise in different phases of project development and implementation which includes Architecture […]